10 Marijuana Strains to Use for Exercise

10 Marijuana Strains to Use for Exercise

I am sure you are looking at the topic and thinking how on earth is marijuana going to help me with my exercise routine, how is it going to motivate me to go to the gym and not the drive thru? That is an excellent question, and the answer is choosing the right type of strain that promotes uplifting, energetic and euphoric feelings.

This strain list below should help jump start your exercise in the right direction.

1.     Super Lemon Haze – This sativa dominant strain blend is one the best strains to use when looking for the energy and motivation to go to the gym. It has a very potent dank smell, with an extremely fruity taste promises a robust high with a lemon undertone.

2.     Blueberry Dream – Another delightful tasting strain that is considered a hybrid with indica dominance but surprisingly activates a sativa high. This strain smells just like fresh baked blueberry muffins and will give you the speedy, soaring high one could use when it comes to getting your exercise in.

3.     Sweet Kush – This strain should be used by experienced cannabis smokers as it can leave the noob feeling a little lazier than uplifted at first but once you have the dose figured out, you should be able to take a toke of this and hit the gym. This strain is ideal for those who suffer from muscle spasms and joint pain; it allows them to get their routine in with having experienced the extreme pain that comes with the exercise or even after the exercise

4.     Harlequin – She is a sativa-dominant strain with a 75/25 percent ratio of sativa to indica. She contains a 5:2 ratio of CBD: THC, which makes this the perfect strain to get the blood pumping for your work out. Also, those who can only hand low impact workouts due to other ailments will find this offers the energy plus pain relief, without the high effect.

5.     Cannatonic – Another CBD-rich strain, that again does not leave you with the head high and would be a great strain to use after your workout. This will promote the relaxation of your muscles, relieve any pain that may have been caused by your routine and leave you feeling uplifted.

6.     The famous Jack Herer – This strain is a sativa that promises to leave you with a happy, uplifted and euphoric effect. Nothing like being motivated from one of nature's pure gifts, I mean you exercise to stay healthy so why not try adding this in with your workout, you may find it to be an even more pleasant experience than you imagined.

7.     Sour Diesel – A very well-known and popular strain that leaves you feeling happy, energetic and creative. A great one to smoke if you are looking to do some yoga or mindful exercises.

8.     Grape Ape – Although this is an indica dominate strain, many heavy smokers find this to be a great uplifting strain that allows them to focus and be pain-free. Another great strain for a medical user looking to get a workout in and experience extreme pain as a result.

9.     Great White Shark – Although this is a sativa, it does offer some surprising indica effects regarding a pleasant body buzz. This strain will help to loosen up those stiff muscle and sore muscles that stopping you from the gym. Use this in small doses to make your workout more efficient.

10.  Green Crack – This is a hybrid strain perfect for those who experience anxiety from smoking pure sativa or indica. This popular strain offers an uplifting, motivating feel without the anxious, paranoid effects. The high is decidedly cerebral, with a big mood boost and a jolt of energy.

These ten strains should get you started in the right direction when it comes to smoking before your workout. The key things to remember is not all stains are the right ones for you, try them out in low dose's and see how they interact with you, then build off of that. It may help to log what you liked and did not like about the stains to find the best combination for your exercise routine.