Top 10 Strains for Low-Tolerance Consumers

Top 10 Strains for Low-Tolerance Consumers

Low-tolerance strains are best way to go for new users. Veteran smokers warn of risks in your first experiences if you don’t select your weed carefully. And, you’ll find the first warning in the THC and CBD content.

Because the THC content triggers psychoactive responses, first timers should opt for the CBD. The CBD is more relaxing and medicinal, so the best choice would be nicely balanced hybrid. The problems come from the lack of sufficient labeling, the street dealer’s inadequate information, or unconcerned friends.

An article published on points out, “Research into drug tolerance is in its infancy.” It develops three forms:

  1. Dispositional tolerance comes from the way the body absorbs a drug.
  2. Dynamic tolerance reflects changes in the brain caused by an adaptive response to the presence of the drug.
  3. Behavioral tolerance originates in the environment in which the drug is administered such as a social or solo event.

That first hit, then, can start a pattern of use and manageable tolerance.

Top 10 Strains for Low-Tolerance Consumers:

  1. Blue Dream made every list of low-tolerance strains. It’s California-bred from blueberry (Indica) and haze (Sativa) ancestors. The hit comes fast with a happy, relaxing, and uplifting experience. Medical patients favor its calm euphoria, and in time, they may up the dose of THC.
  2. Cannatonic works on anxiety, migraines, and stress with soothing calm. One batch tested at an impressive 17% CBD. It won’t produce a mind-bowing high, but it will leave you relaxed and uplifting. You’ll also feel a warming and numbing sensation throughout the body.
  3. Maui Waui has earned more than one testimonial to its value. Hawaii produced this Sativa-dominant strain a generation ago. Hawaiian growers have protected its botany throughout that time, so unless you may not trust Colorado or California versions. As is, it is a relaxing option with great medical benefits. A top-shelf euphoria will let you focus and pursue your day’s activities. At worst, it will leave you giggling.
  4. Harlequin blends Columbian Gold, Swiss Landrace, and Thai into a Indica/Sativa 25:75 into a Sativa0dominant product. That’s a CBD level of 4-10%. Its relaxing calm keeps users alert. Harlequin is a superior pain reliever while the low THC keeps you focused.
  5. Northern Lights remains a legendary Indica-dominant strain. It comes from ancient ancestors, and users value its pungent smoke for its taste and aroma. It treats anxiety, back pain, chronic pain, depression, and stress. You can get a lot out of this weed because it hits your body fast and hard to throw you back in your chair.
  6. Jack Herer arrived from Holland through California. It is a multiple award winner in competitions throughout the smoking world. A Sativa hybrid, Jack Herer leaves users alert, focused, and creative. Its Sativa high leaves users happy, energetic, and creative, able to go about daily work and chores.
  7. Pennywise is an Indica with high CBD content. It leaves smokers totally relaxed without a stress in the world. An heir to Jack the Ripper and Harlequin strains, it may induce mild psychoactivity, but the dominant experience is smooth and mellow. Pennywise should leave you peppy, clear-headed, and focused. Smoked in the evening, it leaves you slightly sedated.
  8. Verde Electric has a 50:50 Sativa/Indica ratio, named Best Hybrid of 2013. Owing its heritage to Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, Verde Electric supplies users treating digestive issues and chronic pain. Experienced smokers recommend it to new users because it induces euphoria, improves mood, relieves stress, and boosts energy.  
  9. O.G. Kush started in Northern California, but it has parented other strains across the using world. Kush will crush any anxiety, depression, or stress with a fully euphoric hit. The experience hits head more than body. The head high may be just the right intensity for novice smokers who have high expectations. It alters sense perception, improves the mood, and energizes your social experience.
  10. Pineapple Express relieves pain with qualities inherited from Train Wreck and Hawaiian strains. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid reporting 25% THC and 1% CBN. The high sneaks up on you changing your perception of sights and sounds. It moves on to tingle the extremities and completely relaxing your body. A versatile strain, you can increase or decrease the dose or number of hits to fit your preference, even as a novice customer.

Something more to consider

Low tolerance does not lie in the strain alone. It also is a function of the individual user’s weight, smoking habits, and metabolism. It also will change from one using method to another. The same strain used in a joint, dab, or edible will have markedly different results. You see, there are advantages to having low tolerance because you can mature into it with time and experience.

The brain returns to its normal rather soon after using. You would have to heavily increase your dose to produce any toxic effect. Users do not report a need for a higher hit to satisfy the earlier “cravings.” They can usually take it or leave it with the brain returning to “normal” after two days of abstinence.

But, psychologically, the initial use of a suitable strain should eliminate fears of the unknown. That can eventually lead to high-tolerance which has its own risks. Anticipating that, new pot users should consider the whole picture. They can and should improve or steady their tolerance by changing the amounts consumed and frequency of use. You should avoid smoking in the morning and change the time of day you use with some regularity. And, offset your habit with physical exercise.

So, even when you choose from these top 10 strains for low-tolerance, you should consider taking a tolerance break in the future. After using enough frequently enough, you may feel that you just are not reaching the high you did a while ago. Even though you have gotten past your starter worries, you may want to test that tolerance from time to time.