Uses, Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Skincare

Uses, Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Skincare

CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants alike. It is produced among 108+ other cannabinoids including THC, CBDa, CBG, and other substances such as flavonoids and terpenes.

Though it comes from cannabis and hemp plants, CBD does not cause the notorious ‘high’ associated with cannabis -- that’s THC’s job. CBD has been in the spotlight recently because of the way it interacts with our bodies (more specifically, the Endocannabinoid System).

CBD skincare is skincare reinvented. It is what many people consider the future of both the cannabis and cosmetic industry because it combines the benefits of natural botanical extracts with the presentations and well-loved formulas from our favourite brands.

Why is CBD Skincare Getting So Much Attention?

The global beauty industry is absolutely massive and is worth approximately $532B USD. It reaches across the entire globe, and it has been one of the most successful industries since history has been recorded.

The cannabis industry is also huge, but it has only recently begun its impressive ascent towards incredible success, with a current global worth of approximately $340B USD. Considering how ‘new’ this industry is, it’s amazing to see just how quick it has grown!

Well, as the beauty industry has evolved, a large section of it has dedicated itself to cannabis skincare. The most popular cannabis skincare at the moment? CBD skincare! It is everywhere we go, and is made by luxury brands such as Saint Jane and Beboe Therapies or affordable brands such as Love CBD and CUBID.

Not to mention all the benefits that come with adding botanical extracts to skincare products! Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, Omegas, and even terpenes and flavonoids all add their benefits to the skincare product, add nutritional value to the products, and offer many more benefits to the skin.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Skincare?

What do you get from CBD skincare and is it really worth it? Well, opinions vary regarding this. While some say it isn’t much but a passing trend, others claim CBD skincare has helped them with many skin ailments such as dry and peeling skin, uneven or bumpy areas, chafed spots, inflammation or irritation, and even ageing.

Whether or not this is true is hard to say as of today, since there is yet to be concrete scientific evidence of CBD actually being the cause of these effects. However, there are many different studies on CBD at the moment, and answers are slowly but surely trickling in.

After all, adding a bit of CBD oil into your skin routine can’t be bad after all, especially when it has a high concentration of nutrients such as Omegas, fatty acids, and more. And though this is true, it’s natural to wonder if it’s actually safe or not.

Is It Safe to Use CBD Creams and Cosmetics?

CBD doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects like THC does, and it is very neutral which is optimal when dealing with the health of our skin. However, it’s incredibly important to keep note of these things to make sure you are as safe as possible:

  1. Speak to your doctor before starting any CBD routine and follow their advice.

  2. Make sure the CBD is made by a reputable brand.

  3. Always check third-party lab results of the CBD in order to make sure there are no harsh solvents or chemicals in it. This also ensures that the product contains the claimed amount of CBD and other cannabinoids such as THC.

  4. When using CBD skincare for the first time, always start off with a small CBD percentage and work your way up to ensure all is well.

  5. Take note of the additional ingredients used in the CBD skincare product to make it doesn’t contain any ingredients you are allergic/sensitive to. This is important to know because a tiny percentage of people have reported feeling irritation after using CBD skincare products, but it is most likely due to additional ingredients in the product and not the CBD.

Does CBD Skincare Have Side Effects?

CBD has been found to have a few side effects on its own, but this is normally when taken orally. These side effects include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and diarrhoea. However, CBD skincare such as creams, salves, serums, and even make up has not been found to have these side effects. Because when CBD is used topically (which is the case with CBD skincare) it only penetrates the first few layers of the skin, and gets in touch with the Endocannabinoid System that way, and not through our digestive system.

With that said, does CBD skincare have side effects due to the CBD? No. Does that mean that you won’t experience any side effects from the additional ingredients in the products? Not really. As mentioned above, there could be other ingredients in the product that cause side effects such as irritation or redness.

How to Use CBD Skincare

Thanks to the plethora of CBD skincare and CBD cosmetic products available on the market, there are many ways you can use CBD products. Here are some fun and innovative ways to use CBD skincare:

  1. CBD Tissue Repair Serum

  2. CBD Balm

  3. CBD Sunscreen

  4. CBD Lip Gloss

  5. CBD Skin Hydrating Gel

  6. CBD Body Lotion

  7. CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

  8. CBD Face Wash and Toner Duo

  9. CBD Face Masks

  10. CBD Body Scrub

As you can see, CBD skincare is something you can easily bring into your daily skincare routine. Since it is made into so many different products, you will always be able to find a CBD skincare product (or a whole CBD skincare routine!) that’s good for you.

You shouldn’t hesitate to have a bit of fun with it, and make your CBD journey exactly what you want it to be. Just remember to always make sure the products are from well-known brands that stay true to their purity claims and your skin will be glowing in no time!