10 Highly Rated Cannabis Strains by Stoners in 2017

10 Highly Rated Cannabis Strains by Stoners in 2017

Stoners don’t do surveys. And, if they buy black market product, they leave no marketing records.

But, if you go buy what’s moving on the legal market, you can determine what users are spending on. If you consider that stoners aren’t likely to pay top dollar, we are looking at the popularity of mid- to low- priced products. And, if you assume that stoners want a high impact buzz, then you must look at high THC content.

With those cautions in mind, we can list 10 highly rated cannabis strains preferred by stoners in 2017:

1. Do-Si-Do is an extremely potent strain at 30% THC. Recommended for experienced users, Do-Si-Do has a Cookies heritage. Still hard to come by at bargain prices, it has everything heavy hitters want in their weed. It creates a deep, smooth, physical calm throughout the body.

MassRoots says, “This strain will leave users with a smile as a fog of extreme cerebral spaciness creeps in, and users may experience difficulty focusing on anything for long.” Left couch-locked and euphoric, you will forget pain and associated anxiety and stress.

2. Gorilla Glue #4 scores a whopping 30% THC, one of the strongest strains known. Potent, pungent, and long lasting, Gorilla Glue #4 is a one of a family of Gorilla Glue products created by accident from Chem Sis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

One reviewer at Potguide writes, “Sometimes, you buy a car for the engine alone, everything else be damned. GG is THAT car. It's an intensely heady high that, I find, brings laser-like clarity to work or anything else I put my mind to. Yeah, it's a classic all right - and it's stayed one - for a reason. I've also found platforming it - taking a second hit just as the first high is beginning to settle in -- puts me into an unbeatable creative space.”

3. Bruce Banner #3 has been stoner-favored for a generation. A cross between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, it boasts 29% THC for a euphoric energy. Because its THC will hit you quickly and strongly, it’s not the best choice for novice smokers.

Its strong aroma will smoke better outside, but stoners value the tradeoff in a beast-releasing high may. According to Wikileaf, “The effects emerge swiftly and in strength, but the stone mellows into a creative euphoria, balancing out the punch of the initial stone. Bruce Banner will provide a relaxing body high accompanied with useful pain killing effects for users.”

4. King Tut (Tutankhamun) tests at 30% THC for “an absolutely dreamy and surreal experience” according to Cannasos.com. The high THC may leave first-timers a little paranoiac, but regular users appreciate its dream-like psychedelic experience.

King Tut works well for medical problems, but it still leaves users clear-headed and focused. It’s a Sativa-dominant marijuana with a delicate taste and aroma. It delivers a cerebral punch, but it remains a high energy source for daytime and creative tasks.

5. Girl Scout Cookies is the first choice of chronic users. It lists scores of 28% THC that will leave you sedated and spaced-out.

The bliss fights depression and anxiety with a cerebral mind-bend. Its sedating qualities treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. Writing for The Cannabilist, Jack Browne says, “It’s what I imagine a coma would be like if you were completely cognizant of your surroundings, unable to speak.” But, he also writes that you will thoroughly mellow out after about an hour.

6. Tickle Kush carries 28% THC, a cross between Chemdawg and LA Kush. An Indica-dominant hybrid, it makes you giggle for hours at a time. And, that makes it a great choice for social use.

Weedy.com reports, “The effects of Tickle Kush are described as immediate and hard-hitting. The high will make you feel creative and euphoric at first; it may also prompt giggles and talkative mood. However, in the end, it will leave you relaxed and peaceful.” You’ll want to adjust the dosage to get the balance between high and peaceful body relaxation.

7. Ghost Trainwreck Haze #9 is a Sativa hybrid of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck that smokes with a floral and sour citrus fragrance. With a 30% THC, it will knock you out. But, you can regulate the dosage to avoid anxiety.

This very potent strain will smack you in the face and sinuses. Its energy comes with an electric body tingle. The psychedelic experience is very cerebral leaving you silly, giggly, and talkative. But, as it trails off, you’ll feel some mind-melt. Users recommend it for artists, writers, musicians, and athletes.

8. The White (Triangle) starts with a fast, cerebral energy. Unlike other high THC strains, The White leaves no body stone. It is a brain event, supporting thought, focus, and problem-solving. So, it is pursued as medical solution for ADD and ADHD.

With its 29% THC, The White is not for amateurs. At best, it produces a strong cerebral euphoria before a hit of deep sedation. It will reduce pain, stress, and nausea, but there is a risk of headaches and paranoia.

9. Super Glue or Superglue OG can be scary. One report claims THC potency reached 32%, but this heir of Afghani X and Northern Lights averages 23% THC. Nonetheless, it will knock you down and throw you back.

Super Glue leave you couch-locked in a full body relaxation following a euphoric rush. It’s great for tremors and spasms, but it won’t let you get any work done. Lemony and earthy, Super Glue is in high demand, and the price reflects that.

10. Godfather OG is a California native testing at 28% THC, enough to have MedicalJane label it “the Don of all OGs.” One dose will relax your brain and body after a long day at work or a tough day exercising.

Still a California favorite, Godfather OG hits your brain with a strong euphoric sensation followed by deep sedation. The offspring of OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, it tastes of grape and berry and induces a deep relaxation verging on dizziness and paranoia. But, it will override insomnia, pain, and spasms.

This list does not cover all the THC-heavy strains being introduced. The demand is clear when you consider that the current strains are flirting with 30% in contrast to the 8-10% of strains available 20 years ago. Medical patients sustain a market searching for relief. But, stoners remain interested in the hit that THC pretty much assures.

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