Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Video Games

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Video Games

Every gamer has a favorite marijuana strain. And, somehow, fair or not, we profile game players as stoners. No one would be surprised to see a player smoking weed. Actually, pairing games and pot is as delicate as pairing wine with dinner.

De gustibus non est disputandum, the Romans would say: when it comes to taste, there is no argument. 

What’s your taste in games?

But, some games take the focus you get from Sativas while casual games require the chill of Indicas. So, consider the game you’re playing before you shop for strains that enhance your game experience. Green Rush Daily has divided those games into the following categories.

Casual Games are easily learned and, therefore, popular with a wide audience. You’ll find them online, and they often come with a free-trial. Better games are boxed and sold a most retail stores.

Makers are competing for customer use by designing them for cellphone play, tablets, and other devices. Or, they may be Java or Flash empowered which makes them accessible on any internet device.

Casual games are not demanding, TvTropes describes them as “something you can pick up, play for ten minutes, put back down again, and replay for years. Casual games are designed to relieve boredom during short breaks, not occupy hours of time.”

They can be amusing, educational, and entertaining, but such games do not present much challenge.

Strategy Games emphasize skill, planning, and winning. Players have opponents, and the goal means defeating those enemies. Winning takes planning to reduce the role of chance. There’s a warfare involved that asks the winner to use strategy and tactics in the movement of people, units, or forces to control events. It’s not a place to panic or make the wrong move.

Variously realistic, people and equipment operate against historical, mythical, or flat even backgrounds. They typically offer military scenarios, but they can also take place in an economy or geopolitical context.

Popular among real gamers engaged with one or more competitors in the room or online.

First Person Shooters are 3-D action games where you see the action through the eyes of your avatar, usually involved in combat of some sort. There are variations with 3rd-Person Shooters and Simulators. They all require focus, attention, agility, and digital dexterity.

Puzzle Games take some logic and clear-headedness. Action Games and Racing Games need attention and quick reflexes.

What’s your taste in weed?

  1. Acapulco Gold is so low in CBD it lifts you with unmatched clarity and focus lasting up to two hours. It’s an 80:20 sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels as high as 24%. The earthy flavor and aroma and taste of chestnut and tealeaves has been a legacy strain, smoked for much longer than there have been video games. hu
  2. Blue Dream is hugely popular worldwide. Sativa dominant, it provides burst of energy and creativity. Low in CBD, the strain focuses on the head. The creative fuel will help you game and stay on point. 
  3. Cherry Pie will make Mario Kart even more fun. This tasty 80:20 Indica hybrid. Very popular among medical marijuana patients, it lifts mood, relaxes mind and body, and leaves you euphoric.
  4. Chocolope is a heavy sativa breed. It makes you happy, optimistic, and uplifted. It tastes sweet and earthy, and it provides the edge in competition. It calms the nerves and provides uplifting energy.
  5. Deadhead OG proves relaxing but uplifting in balance. It reduces anxiety and lets you focus on task in front of you. There is 60% sativa and 25% THC. It’s strong and potent, but quickly delivers a sense of euphoria and amusement to help you enjoy games even more.
  6. Diablo pairs nicely with games like Rock Band. It’s a sweet tasting Sativa-dominant hybrid with a THC level of 12-20%. Diablo has a high impact euphoric rush that lasts for hours of gaming.
  7. Dutch Dragon is 75% sativa, too strong for first timers. The sativa produces a big cerebral euphoria with plenty of focus and clarity to win games. You’ll feel happy and creative, and only your giggles will get in the way of your game.
  8. Green Crack will boost your gamer creativity for playing Minecraft or Skyrim. There’s focused energy in this buzz that lasts all day long. Mango tasting, it is a 65:35 sativa-dominant hybrid with THC at 24%. It leaves smokers energetic and focused with a markedly cerebral effect.
  9. Lemon Kush has strong lemon and citrus flavors with underlying earthy kush. It relieves stress with uplifting and creative moods. This is a 50:50 hybrid with 17% THC. The Lemon Kush high is strong, but it will reduce depression and anxiety. Users claim it makes or breaks their GTA play.
  10. White Widow is another sativa-dominant hybrid recommended by First Person Shooters. They like the mental alertness and energy. White Widow is 60% sativa with THC at 18-25%, and a high that lasts for hours of playing Call of Duty.

What you want?

Weed strains are always a matter of taste. The taste changes with experience and exposure to new strains. And, chances are you fall into a habit of using the same strain regularly.

It’s just as true that gamers are likely to lock into repeated play of the same game or games. Trial and error is probably the best and most effective way of finding which strain enhances your enjoyment and/or improves your game.

The top 10 marijuana strains for video games listed here are open to discussion. Your favorite may not be on the list, and that alone does not make it a poor choice. Let us know what works for you and what game you connect it with.