10 Strains to Help Avoid Drowsiness

10 Strains to Help Avoid Drowsiness

Pot makes you drowsy. Do not operate heavy equipment! But, you might reduce the problem if you want.

If insomnia is your problem, if you lose sleep because of stress and depression, if you want to forget your chronic pain, drowsiness may not be your issue. But, if you want to use and remain clearheaded, there are some things you can learn.

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate sleep cycles. When marijuana’s cannabinoids match over to the ECS in the right combination of THC and CBD, they can soothe and stabilize the neurotransmissions along the Central Nervous System modulating the flow of neuro messages. With the neurology mellowed, drowsiness and sleep can move in.

Avoid Drowsiness When Consuming Cannabis

One comment on a green forum recommended increasing your smoking until drowsiness isn’t a problem anymore. But, that’s not good advice for real-world lifestyles. Curing one habit by exacerbating the habit makes little sense.

Before reviewing the strains that guarantee sleepiness, you’ll want to look at preventive measures:

♦  Stay hydrated. Mixing cannabis with alcohol will accelerate the drowsiness. That’s no reason to avoid a smoke after a nice dinner with wine. But, you need to be aware of the impact. Water is a much better choice, and that means drinking a full eight glasses of water per day as well as before and after use.

You want to avoid hydrating with coffee, caffeinated soda, or potent energy drinks. They are counter-productive because your blood sugar will crash.

♦  Remember nutrition. Good food and good eating habits will convince your body that you are feeling well and awake. That means eating small meals frequently. It means eating whole grains, fruits, melons, nuts, and reducing dairy, sugars, and popular munchies.

Elite Daily suggests broccoli, mangoes, chocolate, and tea will even enhance your user experience.

♦  Exercise regularly. You don’t have to overwork yourself, but a regular workout that assures some stretching, aerobics, and light weights will keep you energized and ready for action. It should counter any negative morning-after effects.

Exercising in the morning will enhance your mood and frame of mind to meet the day’s challenge. It will leave you energized and clear-headed and work off some of the munchies’ calories.

Choose the best strains to stay awake:

  1. Super Silver Haze has ruled at the top of the Sativa list for years, but it’s not for novice smokers. Medical and recreational consumers favor Super Silver Haze for its powerful brain and body effects. Some users experience a long-lasting that fights fatigue and sees you through the day.
  2. Green Crack is a Snoop Dogg favorite. It’s an intense Sativa with a moderate but effective 16% THC. This Cush will keep you focused and energized for work and play. Its mildly psychoactive effects help you stay attentive to detail and creative tasks. The energy rush is not for evening use because it leaves you uplifted and slightly wired.
  3. Dat Cookie Dough is a phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies. It packs a whopping 13% to 25% THC potency. That hits fast and hard with pressure behind the eyes and at your temples. First-time users must expect an energetic punch that readies you for a party or concert, but it may be too much to stay focused on work. It’s too intense for nighttime, but it will pick up your day.
  4. Hawaiian Diesel sets you up with a 22% THC experience that tastes and smells of citrus and tropical fruit. It will help you work and keep you laughing, so it might be right for a casual day and wrong for a serious work project. And, part of the energy comes from its elimination of stress, anxiety, and care.
  5. Island Sweet Skunk is a Canadian strain that produces an upbeat rush that resolves into a total body buzz. It has enough THC at 19% to distract from the pains and medical issues that bother you, enough distraction to leave your creative and focused on tasks.
  6. Jack Herer remains a classic option. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has been around for decades. People like its balanced brain and body effect. But, with a potential 24% THC intake, you must work yourself into this strain over time.
  7. Durban Poison has the power of its pure Sativa landrace origin. Testing to 25% THC, its power is legendary. It hits high and early with a clear focus. It boosts sights and sounds and sets up a high social dynamic.
  8. Hazewill cloud your head making it difficult to focus. But, it delivers up to 23% THC for a euphoric trip, a chatty silly mood. You’ll want to limit your dose and number of hits. When it’s over, you’ll be couch locked but not sleepy.
  9. XJ-13 is a perfectly balanced hybrid with a 22% THC offset by a 1% CBD. Flavorful and redolent of funk, it hits immediately with an energetic buzz. It will keep you up, focused, and creative.
  10. Pineapple Express will never go away. Favored for its smooth, sweet, and savory smoke, it will show you what 24% THC can do. It’s a happy high that will leave you giddy, creative, and talkative.

Make your own decision

Cannabis can leave you drowsy. It’s in its nature. But, with trial and error, you can find the strain that not only lets you but also helps you through the day. Once you find what you want, try something else in the evening or before bed.